This site contains the worksheets from the podcast and book 
“Scripture You Can Relate To” by Dr. Ricky Sherrer

The worksheets can be used for study groups, self study,  developing lesson plans, etc..  Transcripts from the Podcast have been compiled into one and are now available in a book on Click here to order book

Devotional Title Worksheet
A Pandora Religion PDF
Anger – Ignorance & Bitterness
Righteousness and the ATM
The Harvest, The Hurt & The Healing
An On Time God to Fight Your Battles (they say)
Can You Hear Me Now? – When God Gets Your Attention PDF
Spiritual Dashboards & Cockpits
Designer Clothing PDF
Federal & Spiritual Tax Amendments
The Infraction of Tripping
I’ll be a Monkey’s Uncle
Lifting Up the Cup – Making a Toast to the Lord
Light & Night Fisherman @ Zero Dark Thirty
Reruns & Remixes
Stork Religion & The Home Field Advantage
The Pursuit of Perfection
The Right to Bear Arms
A Fair Reward for Your labor PDF
Long Leash & Choke Collar Christians
Being led by the Spirit PDF
Lessons from the Kentucky Derby – Horse Race
Genetic Testing – Ancestry Family Tree – Baby’s Daddy
The Litmus & Genetic Test for Salvation
Spiritual Credit Rating
Making Adjustments – Work Out Your Own Salvation
Shazam – Name That Tune PDF
See What I’m Saying?
Avoiding a Simon Says Religion
Wisdom & The Spirit of Discernment
United We Stand – Divided We Fall
Nothing Compares to the Promised Glory
Near Sighted Christians
Sober Minded Christians
Christmas Wrapping
Monsters in the Church
Mary Did You Know PDF
Thanksgiving – A Seat at the King’s Table
The Mystery of the Messiah
New Year Adjustments
Palm Sunday – Stones Crying Out Part 1
Palm Sunday – Stones Crying Out Part 2
Seven Last Sayings from the Cross

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